Valentines Gifts for Him


Unique, Everlasting Valentines Gifts for Him

I started to think about the upcoming, much debated to be celebrated, holiday and decided to share my Valentines Gifts for Him! A few years ago there was a resurgence with boudoir photography. This time, though, it is actually embracing the unique shapes of women instead of overly sexualizing it. The female body is so beautiful and should be celebrated so I am thrilled to see this change!

I did one four years ago and it totally changed how I saw my body. I was worried about certain parts of my body because I had a skewed vision of what I thought it looked like. However, once I saw the photos, all the things I thought were my worst features actually became some of my favourites.

First and foremost, find a photographer who shoots the female body in a way you can relate. Then, make sure they are someone with whom you feel comfortable personality wise.

I promise you it’s something that you won’t regret, and it even makes a cute little black book as valentines gifts for him. Lachlan’s shoot below was a gift to her soon-to-be husband on their wedding day. It was such a pleasure to style this shoot.

If you’re thinking about doing a boudoir shoot as part of your valentines gifts for him (or maybe just for yourself!), check out my other helpful tips and tricks for the perfect boudoir session.

1486 Photography, Boudoir Photography, Unique Valentines Gifts for Him

1486 Photography.


Photography // 1486 Photography.

Florals // Cedar and Stone.

Hair and Makeup // The Look Beauty.

Venue // The Alton Mill, Caledon.

Calligraphy // Paula Lee Calligraphy.

Gift Box // Present Day Gifts.

Lingerie // Fortnight Label from Loversland.