Five Things to Do the Night Before the Wedding

Five things to do the night before the wedding.

All the planning has come to an end and you’re ready for your Big Day. Your rehearsal dinner is over, all the family and out of town friends have settled in, and it’s just a matter of hours before one chapter comes to a close and a whole new love story begins. So what do you do, until then? Here are five quick (and super fun!) things to do the night before the wedding:

1. ACB. Always Choose a Buddy. Who has your bobby pins, flip flops (or even better, slippers), Q-tips, extra granola bar, juice, lip balm, water, the right color of nail polish in case you chip one, your phone, emergency tampon (yep, it happens!) and anything else you might need? You’ve got a Maid Of Honor and a wedding planner, but who has these things? You shouldn’t have to think about the details the day of, so make sure someone else has got it covered.

Now on to the fun stuff…

2. Watch a romantic comedy or your favorite movie with your gal pals, close family, or bridal squad. Enjoying this “just us girls” time will forever be a cherished memory—trust us, tomorrow is going to go by very quickly—so soak up that girl time, you’ll be glad you did. (But just be sure to skip the popcorn. Sorry girl, no salty foods the night before! Um, and, maybe not too much champagne either… we know, we know!)

3. Press Play. Yes, we said play! Why do the boys get all the fun? See: the quintessential round of the golf that men play the day before or the morning of. Whether it’s yoga, in-room mani / pedis, a pajama dance party, or even going for a hike with the girls, just make sure you squeeze in some play time. (Tip: not a good day to try jet skiing for the first time!)

4. Have an attitude of gratitude. We know you already do. So raise a glass to the friends and family who have journeyed with you and tell everyone how much they mean to you.

5. Check your breath. Your yoga breath that is. Weddings are incredible and fun and magical and once in a lifetime—but they are also events that go by at the speed of light, no matter how good you are at being present. So breathe. Meditate. Slow down. Don’t be nervous about tomorrow, it’s your day. Just take your time and believe us when we tell you, you’re the main event, nothing is going to happen without you! So inhale, exhale, repeat.

There are so many possible things to do the night before the wedding and this is just a quick, fun list. But above all else, make sure your night-before-the-big-day is comfortable for you. Make sure it is peaceful, full of joy, and fine (fine!) filled with just a little bit of champagne…

Tomorrow is going to be nothing short of magical.