Five Things You Must Do The Morning Of Your Wedding


The big day is here! Everything is set, all the details are double checked, and you’re ready to take the most important walk of your life. It’s the one where you begin a new journey, as one half of a whole. Your wedding day is the first chapter of the greatest love story you’ll ever write because it’s the one you’ll pen together.

But before you do, you’ve got to get through the morning of your wedding! We know, we know, the minutes seem to feel like hours and you just can’t wait to get going. But like the song says, you can’t hurry love (and you certainly can’t rush your wedding day).

So, here are some fun things you must do the morning of the wedding before you say I do.

1. Pack your flats!

Put your best foot forward and switch out your heels for flats every chance you can get. You’ll be spending most of the day in heels so have a comfy set of slippers, flip flops, or cute white sneakers nearby.

2. Mix it up with a mixtape.

You’ve got the DJ or band all set for later, but why not throw on your favorite tunes now? Music sets the tone so hit play on those fun throwbacks and party anthems while you and your girls get ready.

3. Breathe.

We know we always say this, but breathe, try to take in this moment, really take it in. Don’t worry about what your hubby-to-be is doing with his groomsmen (not much, trust us) so really take a moment to pause and be present. Perhaps have a little toast to your bridal party and family, as well.

4. Hydrate!

This one is a no-brainer but it’s almost always overlooked. You might easily find yourself so preoccupied that eating or drinking fall to the wayside. Have some fruit nearby and keep sipping on water throughout the morning.

5. Prep your accessories!

Your collection of images to tell your wedding day story would be incomplete without those little accessories on which you worked so hard! So gather your invitation suite (2 copies!), earrings, shoes, veil, rings all in one spot so your photographer can capture those little details for your collection.


Don’t sweat the details. Allow others to help you so you can truly be present to enjoy, and try to remember what this day is about: the most incredible love story you’ll ever be a part of.

Okay, ready? Here we go. Today is going to be magic.

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