5 Things Not to Do The Night Before the Wedding


Five things NOT to do the night before the wedding.

Naturally, we love dishing about all the things you should do as you gear up for your big day… but what about those foods, drinks, and people (!!) you should be avoiding the night before you say I do?

Here are five things NOT to do the night before the wedding.


Who wants to be hiding a hangover on their big day?  Not only does it ruin your sleep, you’ll be less hydrated for the morning when you want to look and feel your best!  Save yourself the trouble and avoid those bubbles! Don’t worry, you can party to your heart’s content tomorrow.


Nix the noshing on these danger zone foods: dried fruit, cauliflower, sugar-free soda, gum (yes, gum!), coffee and anything dairy-based. Why? Well, they all cause bloating, and, er, well, you get the idea…


Let’s clarify. It’s okay to call your loved ones and tell them how much you appreciate them. It is not okay to get wrapped up in drama so avoid situations and people that stress you out. Leave the gossip (and toxic triggers) for later and get your beauty sleep.

4. DIY

Don’t run around like crazy at the last minute trying to finish a DIY project for your wedding, changing the seating chart, or thinking of a “better” way to do the photographs. If you really do have any concern about logistics, let your bridesmaids or wedding coordinator handle it.


Okay, whoa… that is easier said than done! But it’s probably the most important tip and the one that will have the biggest impact on your enjoyment tomorrow. Before you start stressing about stressing… breathe. The planning is done. The details have been taken care of. All that’s left to do is allow this magical day to unfold before you.

Sounds fairytale-ish? It is!

So get some rest, meditate, practice yoga, takes a long bath, watch your favorite movie, listen to your best playlist, or take our other suggestions of what you should be doing the night before your wedding, but whatever you do, make sure it brings you joy.