How to Plan a Sophisticated Bachelorette Party


Not every bride dreams of hitting the dance floor in a white boa. Whether you are the Maid of Honour or planning it yourself, here are ten fresh ideas about how to plan a sophisticated bachelorette party that’ll make your party unique (and Instagram-appropriate!)!

1. Remember the old days—before boys—when we’d pile into our bestie’s living room and watch movies all night? Long live girls’ nights in with popcorn, flicks, mixtapes and makeovers! Make it extra special with bubbly, pretty sweets and even a mobile manicure service! Pro-tip: it’s a great low-budget option if you’re concerned about cost.

You could also…

2. Raise the barre! Hit a high-intensity cardio class like spin or barre and reward yourself with a steam, spa day, or cocktails. Pro-tip: many city hotels offer spa day passes that include a steam and soak by the pool.

3. Looking for a rustic option? Try glamping! Go where the wild things are and head out of town for a girls’ weekend in the woods

4. Opting for urban? Attend a high tea, private dinner at your favourite restaurant, or something new like belly dancing lessons!

And speaking of learning…

5. Cooking classes! These can range greatly in price tag so choose the option that works for you from full course meals to (super-fun) fish-mongering at the local market.

6. Make scents of it all. There are numerous perfumeries that have workshops on how to make your own blends. Same goes for patisseries, cosmetics, tea, and jewelry. You’ll go home with a treat, too! Keep an eye on Bloom School here in Toronto as they are always running fun, unique workshops that could be perfect for a sophisticated bachelorette!

Some other mid-range options include…

7. An escape room, murder mystery, or a night at the comedy club! If it’s hilarity you’re looking for…

8. Sign the gals up for something that none of you has ever done before. Be it a golf lesson, high-speed go-kart racing, horseback riding or even dog sledding, you’re bound for laughs when everyone is a beginner.

For bigger budgets…

9. There’s no place like Ohm. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Yoga retreats are an ideal getaway for gals because they typically already have itineraries, meals, and sometimes even spa options.

10. Looking to really splurge? Pack your bags and find your best jet-setting aviators. Head to a new city and try a culinary tour of New Orleans, take in the architecture of Chicago, or get jazzy at the festivals in Montreal.

BONUS IDEA: How to PLAN a Sophisticated Bachelorette Party

Grab your girls and head to the spa! It could be as simple as spending the afternoon somewhere like the Scandinavian Spa at Blue Mountain in their glorious Scandinavian Baths and sipping on mimosas, or something closer to home such as Her Majesty’s Pleasure, a global award-winning salon/spa and cocktail bar. Afterwards, get dolled up and head out for a beautiful dinner, just the girls! Breaking it up into a couple of experiences throughout the day or weekend makes it easier to cater to varying budgets and schedules!

Above all else, bond. The bachelorette is absolutely about celebrating the bride, yes, but it’s also a chance to spend time with just the girls. Try to pick something that will suit everyone’s style, comfort level, and budget.

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