How to Host a Great Wedding Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy


In our last post, we talked about How to Be a Great Wedding Guest, but what should you do as the host to ensure your guests have a great time? Today we’re presenting our best tips on how to host a great wedding that your guests will actually enjoy.

Before you break the bank on delicate decorations or over the top cake toppings, remember that your guests have also put money and time into your wedding and they’ll really appreciate these simple but important details.

1. Make it Easy! The last thing you want is to be texting directions, parking instructions or itineraries to one hundred of your closest friends and family. Make sure this is clearly taken care of and organized well in advance. (Tip: Older folks might need a little extra TLC in this department so if you are only planning on posting your directions on your website, consider printing a few directions cards for those older guests who may need them.)

2. Tolerate the intolerable. Now is not the time to question your cousin’s dubious aversion to gluten. Just cater to it, literally, and confirm all dietary preferences, allergies, and restrictions well in advance. Knowing when not to waste your mental energy will leave you ready to maturely handle any big issues that arise (aka no Bridezilla moments!).

3. It’s all fun and games…. if wee ones will be in attendance, it’s a nice gesture to provide some activities, coloring, crafts, or maybe even a caregiver to help keep them occupied. Their parents will be so delighted by your thoughtful gesture!

4. An attitude of gratitude: show your love for the guests who traveled far to be with you, those who helped out with the planning or setting up of your wedding, and anyone else who’s been with you on your special journey leading up to this big day. Say a big thank you during speeches, as you circulate the room, say it with take-home treats or gift bags at the end of the night, and definitely say it in your thank-you cards—that you won’t put off writing!

5. Overall organization: Consider posting an artfully displayed ‘day-of’ itinerary as well as important phone numbers, contacts and any other information people might need to make them feel comfortable.

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