Laura Olsen Events, Toronto Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner Toronto

Laura Olsen, Toronto Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner TorontoLAURA OLSEN, Owner and Creative Director

A former Project Manager and Visual Merchandiser, Laura has had a longstanding love affair with styling. Armed with natural talent, tireless creativity, and a pragmatic, calming demeanour that all brides appreciate, Laura is recognized as one of Toronto’s top wedding planners and stylists. Laura knows how to bring love stories to life and is particularly talented at styling intimate weddings in remarkable settings that reflect the personal aesthetic of the couple.

Kim VanDenBerg, Toronto Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner TorontoKIM VANDENBERG, Lead Planner

Kim joined the Laura Olsen Events team in 2014 and her ability to be practical, logical and rational in any situation quickly made her a huge asset to the team. She is quick thinking and will always find the best solution on the fly, no matter the situation. Armed with a positive attitude, amazing fashion sense, and eye for perfection, Kim always has your back when it comes to making sure your day is as beautiful as you envisioned it.

Tegan Patmore, Toronto Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner TorontoTEGAN PATMORE, Associate Planner

Tegan’s positivity and love for laughter make her immediately likable to anyone she meets. Don’t let that fool you – while she knows how to have fun, she can quickly take control of any situation, commanding attention with her level-headed approach to problem-solving. Always a sucker for the sweet moments, she’ll shed a tear every time she sends a bride down the aisle. Tegan, who is also part of the crew at floral studio Blush and Bloom, moved to Toronto in 2015 and joined the LOE team shortly after.

Kaitlin Davoren, Toronto Wedding Planner, Wedding Planner TorontoKAITLIN DAVOREN, Associate Planner

Kaitlin joined the Laura Olsen Events team in early 2016 and threw herself into the role. Her level of organization is unlike anything seen before. So much so, you’ll want her to organize your entire life. Partner that with her warm, genuine heart and you’ve got a real gem of a gal on your side. One who will jump at a moment’s notice even in the most stressful situations, so you can spend your time having fun!

Photography by Christine W Photography.